Spot Light: Champaign Heat Alumni Players In College:

1.Devin Carter, Champaign Centennial

Shout out to Champaign Heat alum Devin Carter! Devin is currently playing on the Arkansas State Men's Division 1 Basketball team. We are proud of you Devin! Devin played for Champaign Heat from 2009-2011. Devin is one of the best players ever to come out of Central Illinois.

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2. Taylen Alexander (above and below left), Champaign Centennial

3. Brandon "Bubba" Glass (below right), Urbana

Taylen Alexander (above left and below left) and Brandon "Bubba" Glass" (below right) played collegiate ball at Joliet Jr. College 2012-2013. Bubba played for Champaign Heat from 2008-2011 and Taylen was a member of Heat from 2009-2011. Taylen also played for his hometown JUCO, Parkland College in 2013-14.

4. Jay Simpson, Champaign Central & La Lumiere Prep (IN)

Big shout out to Champaign Heat Alum Jay Simpson (below)! Jay is a part of the Division 1 Purdue Men's Basketball program! Jay played for Coach KG in 2007 at the Boys & Girls Club and for Champaign Heat in 2008 and parts of 2009. Jay has been one the most celebrated and successful players from the area recently. Prior to being diagnosed with a heart condition, Jay was predicted to be an NBA draft pick. We are so proud of you Jay!

5. Noah Wells, Champaign Central

Noah "Bang-Bang" Wells (below) played for Champaign Heat in 2014 and will be a part of the Men's Basketball program at WIU this 2015-2016 season! Congrats Noah!  Bang-Bang!

6. Kurtis Ellis, Normal University High

7. Bryn Agnew, Normal University High

Kurtis (below left) and Bryn (below right) both played for Champaign Heat in 2011. Kurtis is now playing at NCJAA D1 Utah State University-Eastern and Brynn is a part of the Men's Basketball D3 program at Milikin University. Proud of you two!

8. Greg Boyd, Urbana

Greg (below) played for Heat in 2011, 2012, and parts of 2013. Greg will be playing college basketball at Riverland Community College in Minnesota this upcoming 2015-2016 season, congrats Greg!  

9. Cortez King, St. Thomas More

Tezzy played for Coach K.G. from 2005-2007 while at the Boys & Girls Club, and for Champaign Heat from 2008-2011! He is now a contributing member of the St. Francis (IL)  University's Men's Basketball program. Tez has also played for McHenry College and Joliet Jr. College. We are very proud of you lil bro! You have come a long way!!!

10. Chase Patton, St. Joseph-Ogden


11. Nate Michaels, St. Joseph Ogden MichaelNate_1415MBB

Chase (above #24) played for Champaign Heat in 2011. He became a member of the Danville Community College Men's Basketball program in 2013 . Nate (below) played for Heat in 2011 and is now currently a member of the McKendree University Men's Basketball program! 

MichaelNate_1415MBB12. Brent Schluter, St. Joseph-Ogden

Brent Schluter (Left) Brent played for Heat in 2011 and is now a member of the Milikin University Men's Basketball program

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