Champaign Heat College Spotlight: 
Devin Carter-Champaign Heat Alum, 2009-2011

Image result for devin carterDevin has been putting in some major work this season and has become a national force in D1 basketball. The same way he lit up the travel circuit for 2 years with Champaign Heat, he's lighting up the college competition now! Devin is becoming a household name. Good luck to you lil bro as you finish out your senior season! We are proud of you! Devin is averaging 17ppg, 4rpg, and 1apg currently. Go Heat alum! 
Thank you all for coming out to the 7th/8th grade boys tryouts. The turnout was amazing. We had to make some very tough decisions. Congrats to our new teams! 

10th Grade Boys Final Tryout is Feb. 12th 10:30a-12p

Lady Heat middle school/high school FINAL TRYOUT will be held Feb. 12th, 12p-1:30p


Champaign Heat will hold tryouts for our Spring/Summer 2017 season starting this week! We will host 7th, 8th, and 10th grade Boys and a middle school and possibly a high school Lady Heat team. CLICK PLAYER REGISTRATION ABOVE to download the season information packets. The packets contain everything you need to know for the upcoming 2017 travel season. 

Above: Middle School Lady Heat place 2nd at the 2016 Peoria HYBT Spring Bling 2!

Above: 12u & 13u win the 2016 Nike Gym Rats Nationals Championship!

IMG_20161015_213614.jpg(above) Congrats to 6th grade for winning their first tourney of the Fall-Winter 16-17' season!


Fall/Winter 2016-17' News:

October 2016: 6th Grade goes 3-0 and wins the first tourney of the season in Romeoville, IL at the Fall Slam tournament. 

November 2016: 

Nov. 7th:

Fall/Winter 2016-17' Schedule (below) is out! All games will be played at the Douglass Rec Center home of Champaign Heat!

Champaign Heat Douglass Competitive Basketball League Results:

Heat League Record: 10-0  Win%: 100%
Nov. 14th: Heat 59, vs. Urbana(6th) 7: WIN
Nov. 21st: Franklin 9  vs. Heat 48: WIN
Nov. 30th: Mahomet-Blue vs. Heat: WIN
Dec. 5th: Heat 35 vs Jefferson 20: WIN
Dec. 19th: Mahomet-Orange 31 vs. Heat 39:WIN
Dec. 21st: Heat vs Mahomet-5th: WIN
Jan. 11th: CU All-Stars 15 vs. Heat 61:WIN 
Jan. 23rd:  UMS 5th 20 vs. Heat 55: WIN
Jan. 25th: Heat vs. Franklin: WIN
Feb. 1st:  Edison 14 vs. Heat 78: WIN

HEAT ARE THE 2016-17' Douglass Competitive Fall/Winter League Champions

Nov. 19th:

Champaign Heat 6th grade wins the Turkey Shootout in Schaumburg! 3-0! 8-0 overall!

December 2016:

Dec. 15: Gluck in Bloomington this Sunday at the Gametime Gym Holiday Shootout on Sunday December, 18. Go Heat!!!!

Dec. 19: Heat place 3rd in the Gametime Gym Christmas Tourney. Good Job boys! 

January  2017:

Jan. 7: Heat will be participating in one of Chicagoland's largest Winter tournaments next weekend at the Midwest Invitational!!! Go Heat!!!!

Jan. 14: Gluck this weekend and safe travels to the Midwest Invitational at the Waukegan Fieldhouse! Last tourney of the Winter season! 

Jan. 15: Champaign Heat go 2-2 and win the Silver Championship at the Midwest Invitational! 1st place! Nice way to conclude the 206-17' fall/winter travel season! 3 more league games to go! Go Heat!!!

February 2017:

Feb. 1: 12u defeats Edison and finishes undefeated in league play! 1st place! Congrats! Heat finishes 20-3 on the season! Great season fellas! 

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above: U of I Legend Dee Brown with Champaign Heat's Kyle Johnson. Dee came to support our 6th grade league we host at the Champaign Park District this past winter 2015.


above: High School Lady Heat win the 2016 Peoria HYBT Spring Bling 2 Shootout! Congrats!

Below: 7th Grade boys place 2nd in the Platinum Division at the 2016 Peoria Area Elite Shaun Livingston Exposure Shootout!

Picture (above) Info: This pic was taken in 2008 in Michigan and represents the inaugural year of Champaign Heat Basketball. Thank you to all the athletes, parents, volunteers, and coaches who have and continue to make Champaign Heat a successful youth basketball program.As always... Go Heat!!!

(above): 2012-13 Fall/Winter 12u Boys with Bulls legend and hall of fame player, Scottie Pippen at Joy of the Game 

(above) Congrats to 12u! They went undefeated and won the Mahomet Bulldogs Jan. 2016 Bulldog Shootout! 


Upcoming Tournaments: 

Fall/Winter 2016-17' Events:

October 2016:

October 15th

 Chicagoland, IL SLAM

One Day Shootouts

6th Boys

Results: 3-0, 1st Place



November 2016:

Nov. 19th

Chicagoland, IL

Turkey Shootout

                                   6th Boys

Results: 3-0, 1st Place!

__________________________________Image result for gametimegym

December 2016:

Dec. 17-18th

Bloomington, IL

Christmas Tourney

6th Boys


2-1, 3rd Place


January 2017:

Jan. 14-15th

Chicagoland, IL

Midwest Invitational

6th Boys


2-2, 1st Place Silver Division 

(above)-Heat win the Silver Championship in the 2017 Midwest Invitational on Jan. 15th, 2017 in Waukegan. END OF 2016-2017 Fall/Winter Travel Season


Check out our  news from this past 2016 Spring & Summer Travel season! We look forward to 2017! Heat hosted the following teams for the 2016 Spring/Summer travel basketball season:

6th(B), 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th Boys

7th, High School (8th-12th) Girls

Spring/Summer 2016 Highlights
H       (above) 12u finishes 3-1, 2nd place 2016 Reebok Arch Madness Classic
         (above) 14u finishes 4-1, 2nd place 2016 Reebok Arch Madness Classic (uniforms coming soon)

Past Spring/Summer 2016 Events:

March 2016:

March 5th Chicagoland, IL 

Image result for spring slam Spring Slam

(6th,6th-RED,7th,8th Boys & Middle School Girls)


6th B Div: 

Heat-RED 2-1 Consolation 5th Place

6th A Div:

Heat 2-1, 2nd Place

7th A Div:

Heat 2-1, 2nd Place

8th A Div:

Heat 1-2, Consolation 7th Place 

Girls 7th Div:

0-4, Consolation 5th Place


March 12th Lafayette, IN

Crossover Challenge Shootout

(HS Girls only)


HS Lady Heat, 2-1, 2nd Place


March 12-13th Stl., MO 

Reebok 5th Annual Stl. Eagles Arch Classic

(6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th Grade Boys)


6th Div:

Heat 3-1, 2nd Place

7th Div:

Heat 3-1, 3rd Place

8th Div:

Heat 4-1, 2nd Place

9th Div:

Heat 2-2, Final 4 Finish


March 19th Chicago South Suburbs, IL

MOF JAGUARS 1 Day Shootout South Suburban College

(HS Girls only)


Lady Heat, 1-1,  2nd place


March 19-20th Bloomington, IL 

GTG March Spring Shootout

(6th,7th,8th,9th Boys & Middle School Girls)


6th 2-1 ,2nd place

7th 2-0 ,1st place

8th 3-0 ,1st place

MS Girls 0-3 ,3rd place


April 2016:

April 9-10th Peoria, IL

Image result for peoria area elite pics

Shaun Livingston Spring Classic

(6th,6th-RED,7th,8th,9th Boys)


6th Gold Div. 1-2

6th Platinum Div. 0-3

7th Platinum Div. 4-1

8th Platinum Div. 0-3

9th Platinum Div. 1-2


April 9-10th


MS Girls 2-1 , 2nd place

HS Girls 4-1, 1st place


April 15-17th Chicagoland, IL

Nike Spring Showdown(NCAA CERTIFIED)

(6th,7th,8th,9th Grade Boys)


6th, 1-3

7th, 2-2 (2nd in Pool)

9th, 0-4

Below: 12u vs Florida Knight Rydas at the 2016 Nike Spring Showdown!